About us

Who We Are

Life Cover Quotes has one of the most extensive databases on Life Insurance in the UK today. We look to keep our customers up to date with all the best deals for them, so that they can obtain the best product for their own individual circumstances.

Whatever your personal situation, whether you are looking to purchase Life Insurance for the first time, or perhaps thinking about purchasing another policy, we’re here to help. Life Cover Quotes introduces applicants to leading life insurance brokers and firms, matching each client with the ideal insurer that meets their needs.

Our Promise to You

Insurance can seem difficult and complicated – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the specific product you’re looking to purchase. There are dozens of different insurance products out there: car, house, contents, medical, life, but to name just a few. All with separate claim-triggers, policy exclusions, terms and conditions. Furthermore, in addition to the different products around, there are ten times as many insurers, all also with their own coverage conditions to discern between. We exist to help you navigate through this difficult landscape, and break down the complications and any questions you might have into simpler and easy-to-digest answers.

Not only that, but we’ll also help you find the right insurance broker for you, suitable to your personal circumstance and product-wants, whilst also being value for money without overpaying for a product you might have purchased elsewhere. We will give you independent and impartial advice with clarity and clearness, covering the points most pertinent to you.

What We Do

We know that every person has their own needs when finding the life insurance policy that’s best for them. Whether it’s looking for particular coverage benefits, such as whole life terms, endowment life options, additional benefits, or appropriate payouts, we know we can match the client with the company. Using the extensive database and contacts we have, we take your own preferences (price, coverage amount, term limits or extra policy features), and introduce you to the life insurance brokers and firms ideal for those needs.

We will give you articles on a number of topics that will also help and equip you effectively to conduct your own independent evaluation of the life insurance market. This includes:

  • Life insurance policy guides
  • Comparisons of leading life insurance providers
  • Explanations of key life policy exclusions, terms and conditions
  • What life products are available
  • Life insurance case studies for easy comparison to your own circumstances

Our Industry Expert: Simon Wellington

We’re happy to introduce our industry expert, Simon Wellington, on to the team, to give us insider-advice, guides and tips on how to get the best Life Insurance product for you.

Simon Wellington

Simon is a thirty year veteran of the insurance industry having worked over a number of different insurance products during this time. Beginning his career in health insurance, he came to specialize in the life insurance sector with day-to-day exposure to a wide spectrum of insurance firms across the UK. ACII certified, Simon has an Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute, as well as an FCII, holding a Fellowship membership level.

Simon brings a wealth of both technical and practical experience to Life Cover Quotes, that will deliver expertise with industry knowledge that we are looking to pass on to you. Amongst the technical jargon and financial terms that unnecessarily complicate the process of purchasing insurance, Simon will distill these terms into clear and transparent contributions on our site. Free for you to access, we know that these articles will be invaluable to anyone looking to obtain life insurance, allowing you to know when to claim, how to get value for money on your policy, and other things to look out for.

Our Client Values

  • We pride ourselves on treating clients fairly, and getting the best deal for them
  • We look to not only meet standards but surpass those, expected both in the industry and from ourselves. In this way, we hope to continually raise the bar for the benefit of our customers.
  • We direct our efforts wholly to the needs of our customers and readers, with the promotion of products and services relevant to them.
  • We want to engage with our clients with clarity, transparency and comprehensively, so that our clients are well-informed and confident that the policy they purchase is of great value and works as it needs to for them.
  • We will remain impartial and independent, making sure customers only ever purchase the product they want to purchase, without the associated pressures they might receive from less independent means.
  • We do not offer financial advice, but impartial facts and guides so that the client is well-equipped to confidently navigate the life insurance landscape.