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Life Insurance for Dads

From winning the lottery to fatal accidents, there are a wide variety of things in life that are simply out of our control and for fathers, all the potential problems that could occur might be worrying. This is why life insurance for dads can often be a necessity – and with most plans coming to less than £10 a month (sometimes even as low as 20p a day), it can be quite affordable, too.

Fortunately, with a team like Tom Life Insurance, getting affordable coverage for all types of fathers in the UK, young or old, can be a breeze.

Why most dads need life insurance

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From the costs of childcare, to bills and rent; there are plenty of expenses that can benefit from a nest egg in a worst-case scenario. Life insurance for men can be one of the best ways to ensure that these can be paid for without fuss.

Life insurance for dads

On average, in the United Kingdom, the cost of raising a child to 21 is often well over £200,000, which is certainly something that you need to consider as a dad when deciding whether or not you need life insurance.

On average, in the United Kingdom, the cost of raising a child to 21 is often well over £200,000, which is certainly something that you need to consider as a dad when deciding whether or not you need life insurance.

Many men choose to take out life insurance after a significant life event, like getting married, but even so this doesn’t always apply to dads, with nearly 30% of fathers in the UK either being unprotected financially or insufficiently covered by their insurance plan.

Whether you’re interested in life insurance for dads-to-be or you’ve been a parent for a while and you’re getting coverage a little later on in life, there are bound to be options available to you.

Considerations for different types of fathers

Life insurance for single dads

Life insurance might be important for fathers in general, but there are instances where it can be even more imperative. In single-parent cases, knowing that your kids will be cared for via a sum of money that they wouldn’t have otherwise can be the best course of action – especially if they don’t have another parent to rely on.

Life insurance for dads who work

Fathers who are employed may already get coverage in some form from their job (typically, death in service is the best example of this). This doesn’t take away the need for life insurance though. It can definitely help your family should anything happen, but it may not offer the best long-term coverage, as well as the fact that you would lose this insurance when changing jobs.

Life insurance for stay-at-home dads

Some fathers in this position may think that life insurance doesn’t apply to them, as they have a spouse (and often a second income) to keep things moving along. The reality is that there are several things that the extra money could go towards after the funeral has been paid off; from childcare, to paying the mortgage. It could even allow your partner to have some time off work to focus on grieving and being with the kids, which on its own is an important consideration.

Insurance costs for dads who smoke

On average, life insurance for men isn’t pricey, costing less than £2 a week. This doesn’t usually account for the health risks of smoking, which can add more to the amount you pay. Around 17% of men in the UK smoke and if you’re one of them, you might have to deal with the higher premiums. On the plus side, this shouldn’t stop you from getting a fair insurance policy.

Life insurance for younger dads

Remember this; the younger you are when you take out an insurance policy, the better it will be for you. While there are some great companies and plans that cater to older fathers in specific, it’s always a good idea to get started as soon as possible for the best terms.

How hard is it to get life insurance for older dads?

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In most cases, it’s not too difficult for younger dads to get a decent plan. In fact, there are even insurance companies that specialise in providing coverage for fathers in particular, with Tom Life Insurance being a great example.

The older you are, the higher your premiums are likely to be. The reason for this is because younger people tend to pose a lower risk. Despite this, most young dads are less inclined to get life insurance, even with the great costs and overall benefits in mind.

Older fathers may find that they will have to pay out a little more, but the good news is that there will still be some worthwhile life insurance plans for dads out there. People are often in a better financial position as they age, so for some, the extra money may not be too big of a deal.

Top tips for fathers looking for a good policy

Hoping to find the best life insurance for dads, but don’t quite know where to start? You’re not alone – and luckily for you, we know some of the key things to keep in mind and look out for:

  • Consider how much life insurance you’ll need and how long you want coverage for (common factors people consider are mortgage length and the age of their children, two important and often large expenses)
  • Shopping around before settling on any one policy is a wise idea. Look into a variety of different options and compare life insurance for men before making a commitment
  • From regular outgoings, like bills, to funeral costs and legal fees; there are several expenses that you might want to cover with insurance to ensure that your family doesn’t have to worry

Final thoughts; It’s essential to get good life insurance for dads

If we can learn anything from all of this, it’s that the importance of providing coverage to your loved ones as soon as possible is essential. If you’re looking for the right policy as a father in specific, be sure to take a look at what’s on offer from leading life insurers.

When it comes to specialised policies for fathers in the UK, there’s no doubt that Tom Life Insurance is one of the best options out there – and at the very least, it’s well worth finding out how they could help you before signing on the dotted line or leaving things to chance.