Information collection and use

LifeCoverQuotes.org.uk takes responsibility regarding users’ privacy and information they provide.

Lifecoverquotes.org.uk is registered under the data protection act 1998.

When seeking a life insurance quote with LifeCoverQuotes.org.uk, it’s necessary to provide the insurer with relevant information. Since we are interested to provide user with the most appropriate life insurance quote, it is necessary to ask name, address, telephone number, e-mail, employment status, yearly income, mortgage details and etc. Also, we need to know personal information of any joint applicants.

All this information is shared ONLY with our trustworthy life insurers to process user’s application and tailor a life insurance to suit user needs and circumstances. User’s telephone number is necessary in order to contact him/her urgently if there is a problem with application form.

The information is only held for the purpose of being contacted by a firm authorised by the FCA within 24 hours of their request for someone to contact them about a quote.


We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to guarantee maximum security to the information our users submit. LifeCoverQuotes.org.uk NEVER discloses information about user to any other person or organizations other that directly with our trustworthy lending partners. We hold all provided data securely unless it is legally required to disclose it.Privacy for childrenWe protect the privacy of children, because of this reason we never collect information at our website from users known to be under 18. However, it is important to understand that unfortunately we can not always identify that user is a child under 18. Such users must have written parental agreement to release their personal information.


A cookie is a bit of information that is stored in the computer’s hard drive by web browser. On visiting any webpage, computer server will use cookies to insure a secure connection. Keep in mind, that most browsers accept cookies automatically unless user set up browser to refuse cookies.

We set cookies for statistical purposes only, because we want to conduct analyses of user traffic. It is important to understand that we do not use cookies to store any personal data or browsing habits.

IP address

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to the computer whenever the user accesses the Internet. The IP address does not provide user name, but it provides demographic information.

LifeCoverQuotes.org.uk collect IP addresses for statistics and in order to detect problems with the server. But we NEVER release it to the third parts.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy or you would like to get information practices of LifeCoverQuotes.org.uk website, you may contact us at:

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