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Aviva life insurance review 2022

“Aviva” is a global life insurance company operating in 28 countries and headquartered in London.

The company offers its clients general and life insurance, long-term saving and fund management. The company is an insurance leader in United Kingdom and has three divisions: “Aviva Life”, “Aviva Insurance” and “Aviva Investments”.

“Aviva Life” is responsible for pensions, long-term savings and life insurance.

“Aviva” offers life insurance starting from  £5. The amount of monthly premiums depends on the cover chosen and personal characteristics.

The company offers 4 types of life insurance: level life, decreasing life, guaranteed whole of life, and guaranteed life long protection.

For all these types of life insurance the company guarantees that premiums will not rise. What is more, a joint cover and terminal illness benefit can be used for any of these alternatives except guaranteed whole of life insurance.

Aviva level life and decreasing life insurance

Level life insurance can be used for coverage of interest-only mortgage and creation of a safety net for the dependents whereas decreasing life insurance can be used for repayment of mortgage or other loans.

Both of these alternatives have a minimum duration of 3 years and cannot go beyond 70 years.

A cover amount of up to £500,000 can be chosen according to personal needs. Both of these policies have no cash in value.

Aviva guaranteed whole of life insurance

Guaranteed whole of life insurance can be used to leave the loved ones with a lump sum of money. The insurance stays in force for the rest of life of the insured person.

If person chooses to pay premiums for a limited premium term or in one single payment a plan can have a small cash-in value but this value is smaller than the premiums paid.

Since this plan lasts for a very long time it has a useful benefit that helps to protect against inflation: premiums and cover can be increased by 5% every year. This plan offers a cover of up to £5,000,000 and a person can be accepted to this policy up to age 89.

Aviva guaranteed life long protection plan

Guaranteed life long protection plan is designed for people who are older than 50 years and need only a small amount of cover to insure such expenses like funeral costs.

This type of insurance starts from £7. Residents of United Kingdom are guaranteed acceptance if they are aged between 50 and 80.

What is more, no medical details need to be provided. The deferred period for this insurance is 12 months.

What is more, if a person dies because of an accident, “Aviva” will pay the amount twice as big as the cover.