Bequest Life Insurance Review 2023

Bequest is a relatively new insurer on the scene that seeks to give anyone seeking live cover a more straightforward way to get a policy.

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Bequest is a relatively new insurer on the scene that seeks to give anyone seeking live cover a more straightforward way to get a policy. They’ve scoped their products into the general essentials so that it’s easy for everyone to apply, and you can get quotes in seconds.

We review this new entry’s goods in the life insurance marketplace.

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Bequest’s insurance mantra is a ‘no-nonsense’ approach, meaning they want to keep products and coverage straightforward. The provider only offers one core life insurance product, which stems from a choice of level or decreasing plans.

We’ll break down more about their product and its supposed advantages below.

Life Insurance

Bequest advertises a straightforward, transparent process for getting coverage, with a form efficiently completed online and potential cover within minutes of applying. The provider offers more apparent solutions of either level term or decreasing term life cover, explained thus:

  • Level term – The level term plan is Bequest’s most popular option, offering a fixed payout should you die at any point in your agreed term contract.
  • Decreasing term – Bequest also offers a decreasing term contract, where the payout aligns with the debt left on a mortgage.

Bequest keeps things simple, only offering these two life insurance plans but allowing customers to add their preferences to the application. Prospective policyholders can choose their length of cover with options up to 40 years, where any UK resident can apply until their 65th birthday.

The level of coverage applicants can request ranges from as little as £5,000 up to £500,000, which is age-dependent. And finally, you can choose whether you prefer single or joint-life policies, considering your partner.

Bequest’s offerings are mainly targeted toward young adults, highlighting the value in their life insurance products and the intuitiveness of the online procedure. But do the provider’s facts back up the quality of their offerings?

Let’s get an overview of the insurer.

Overview of Bequest Life Insurance Key Policy Details

Listed in the table below are the essential details behind Bequest life insurance.

Bequest will pay out on your policy if: The policyholder dies during the contracted term.
Options: Term Life Insurance (level or decreasing)
Policy Coverage: Single/Joint Coverage
Terminal Illness Cover: No
Critical Illness Cover: No
Minimum Entry Age: 18
Maximum Entry Age 65
Guaranteed Insurability: No

Bequest life insurance doesn’t offer many additional features such as critical or terminal illness cover. However, they do include the perk of free will, written by professionals when you sign on to a policy.

Do the limited options and features of the products affect customer satisfaction with their plans and service? Let’s look into public opinion to find out more.

Bequest Life Insurance

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Customers’ general outlook on Bequest is positive, praising the process’s simplicity and ease of getting covered when they most need help. There are some particularly intriguing points noted that give Bequest an edge over their competition, including:

  • Nearly immediate over
  • Some of the fairest prices for young adults with great coverage
  • Fast-action when processing claims
  • Free wills and bereavement support

Let’s look at the key points mentioned in peer reviews to validate the claims of competitive advantages over other insurers.

Key Points

The most available feedback was from customer review platforms. Although there aren’t thousands of reviews, there are enough to gauge public opinion on Bequest is almost exclusively top rate. Praise for the insurer highlighted these key points:

  • Continued support from the insurer even without requesting
  • Helpful information about the policies
  • Very easy to use and apply for anyone, even those more technologically inept
  • Friendly and interpersonal customer service
  • In-depth explanations with follow-up if you get declined

So do the ratings meet what the public says about Bequest?


Bequest has generally seen good reviews from two primary trust sources, the customer-centric Trustpilot and the peer-reviewed Defaqto. Let’s highlight the numbers supporting the positive outlook of the insurer.


Out of 20 reviews, Bequest has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on the Trustpilot platforming, achieving the ranking as excellent service. Find the breakdown of review assignments below.

Rating Percentage of Feedback
Excellent 88%
Great 3%
Average 6%
Poor 0%
Bad 3%

Again, the excellent reviews heralded the fantastic customer service, and the ease of process should customers require life insurance on a whim. But what do industry professionals think about Bequest’s offerings?


Defaqto rates Bequest’s primary life insurance offering a 3 out of 5 stars on their expert rankings list. This rating is likely in part to the scoped product range the insurer offers, being only one core product with a few variations.

However, Bequest ranks with leading insurers, meaning that the provider could be a viable option if you prefer your life insurance to be a more streamlined process.

Is Bequest Life Insurance Right for You?

Does the refreshing and concise application process suit your life insurance needs? Bequest may be a good option if you want good value from your life cover and don’t have too many intricate needs from your policy.

Suppose you’d like to learn more about the insurer. In that case, you can contact an expert broker who can compare Bequest against other options tailored to you.

Defaqto ratings

Type Plan name Rating
Life assurance (decreasing) Life Insurance 3
Life assurance (level term) Life Insurance 3
Defaqto ratings were reviewed on 01/10/2023