Protect Line Life Insurance Review 2023

Protect Line is a UK fee-free life insurance broker established in 2010 by a husband and wife team.

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Protect Line is a UK fee-free life insurance broker established in 2010 by a husband and wife team. Since its inception, the company has provided cover for over 200,000 families.

The company is one of the most popular price comparison services in the UK, and it aims to provide life coverage to as many families as possible.

Who does Protect Line work with?

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When you apply for a life insurance policy with Protect Line, you will receive multiple quotes from various insurance providers. The company works with many famous and trusted names from the insurance industry, including:

  • AIG
  • Aegon
  • Aviva
  • Canada Life
  • HSBC
  • Legal & General
  • Zurich
  • Vitality
  • Scottish Widows
Protect Line life insurance

The company works with many famous and trusted names from the insurance industry, including

As evidenced by this list, Protect Line is trusted by some of the most prominent names in the industry to offer its life insurance products. To find the right policy for you, you can chat with the company’s professional and friendly team, who can provide you with a quote.

Life insurance options offered by Protect Line

As an insurance broker, Protect Line can find you a quote for any of the major life insurance policy types. These include:

Whole of Life

In this type of policy, your coverage remains in place until you pass away. As a result, whole of life policies tend to be more expensive than term life policies since you’re guaranteed a payout no matter what.

Term Life

Unlike a whole of life policy, term life insurance only covers you for a predetermined period. The term is up to you to choose. Term policies are then further divided into two sub-categories – level term and decreasing term:

  • In a level term policy, your payout stays the same throughout the insurance period. As a result, so does your insurance premium. This type of policy is excellent for paying interest-only mortgages.
  • In a decreasing term policy, your payout is reduced over time, as is your insurance premium. This type of policy is excellent for repayment mortgages and other types of debt that decrease over time.

Over 50s Life Insurance

The company offers a life insurance policy aimed explicitly at applicants over 50. The company guarantees your acceptance if you’re between 50 and 80 years old and no medical examination is required. This type of policy is mainly used to cover funeral costs.

Does Protect Line offer any life insurance add-ons and extras?

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When you apply for a life insurance policy through Protect Line, you’ll be able to choose to add or include a series of add-ons, such as:

Critical Illness Cover

For an extra monthly fee, you can get critical illness cover. This gives you a payout if you are unable to work after becoming critically ill.

Terminal Illness Cover

This add-on is usually included as standard with most life insurance policies. It allows you to take an early payout if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live. You may use these funds to pay your mortgage or cover medical expenses.

Joint Policy

If you and your partner are interested in life insurance policies, Protect Line does offer the option of joint life policies. This can save you some money instead of taking out two separate policies.

Protect Line life insurance rating

As an insurance broker Protect Line doesn’t have its own insurance products to be reviewed; however, the company does boast of over 31,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

In addition, at the 2020 Insurance Choice Awards, the company received the following awards – Best Protection Insurance Broker, Best Overall Insurance Broker, and Treating Customers Fairly Champion.

Benefits of Protect Line life insurance

There are various benefits to taking out a life insurance policy through Protect Line that you should consider, including:

  • Protect Line has a history of finding the right policy for applicants.
  • As an insurance broker, the company can find you multiple quotes to get an affordable deal.
  • Protect Line has a UK-based team that is experienced in handling any queries.
  • The company has won an award for its excellence in treating customers fairly.
  • Protect Line’s services are entirely free.
  • The company can offer various options from some of the biggest names in the insurance industry.

How much does Protect Line life insurance cost?

Your life insurance cost will depend on various factors. Protect Line will consider your age, health, medical history, and smoking status to determine your premium. The best way to get an exact quote is to get in touch with the company. You should note that Protect Line doesn’t have an online calculator. So, if you want a quick quote, you’ll have to speak to one of their advisors.

If the service is free, how does Protect Line make money?

Protect Line offers its services completely free to customers. The company charges the insurance firms a fee if you take out a policy. This is an excellent way to find a good deal since price comparison companies will scan the market for the best premiums.

How much coverage do you need?

It can be challenging to determine how much coverage you need. You should first work out what you need covering if it’s just a mortgage or family living costs. Once you know this, you can use a life insurance calculator to input all the data and get a rough estimate. Ultimately, how much you need is down to you.

Is Protect Line the right insurance broker for you?

Protect Life is a fantastic life insurance broker that can help you find the right policy for an affordable price. The company puts a lot of importance on customer care and fairness, so you can rest assured you won’t be getting a bad deal.

When going through an insurance broker, it’s important to know that the company works with some of the most trusted names in the industry, and Protect Line more than meets that requirement. If you’re looking for a quick online quote, you might struggle with the company’s lack of an online calculator. If you input your details on the company site, an advisor will get in touch with you.