Deadhappy Life Insurance Review 2023

Deadhappy is a noisy and vibrant UK life insurance company founded in 2013.

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Deadhappy is a noisy and vibrant UK life insurance company founded in 2013. The company is proud to be an industry disrupter with a new way of looking at life insurance. Over time the company claims to have developed a life insurance product that is cheaper and more flexible than the traditional model

Insurance products offered by Deadhappy

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As a market disruptor, Deadhappy has a unique approach to offering life insurance. The company’s products are – Life Insurance, Near-Death Insurance, and Deathwish.

Life Insurance

This is the company’s staple life insurance product. It’s a level term policy where the payout remains the same throughout the insurance period. This is where things change, however, as the initial term offered by the company is only ten years. You’ll pay a monthly premium for ten years, after which the company will contact you to check if nothing has changed. If that’s the case, Deadhappy renews your term for another ten years.

The company states that this allows it to offer lower prices than its competitors since the company considers your present physical condition, as opposed to what your situation could become in 20 years

Near-Death Insurance

This is the company’s answer to the standard Critical Illness Cover add-on offered by most companies. This policy will pay 50% of your coverage if you become seriously ill, covering diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and severe strokes. You’ll need to pay an extra monthly premium to get this policy; however, the company states that it’s more affordable than most Critical Illness Cover policies offered on the market.


This is a new and fresh product offered by Deadhappy, which allows you to choose how your life insurance payout is spent if you pass away. The company has various options, such as paying off your mortgage or leaving a lump sum to a loved one. There are also quirky options, such as paying for a tattoo, buying someone’s first car, or paying for someone’s education. This is a fantastic product that gives you more control over how your life insurance payout is spent.

How much does Deadhappy life insurance cost?

The cost of your life insurance policy will depend on various factors. Unlike most insurance providers, Deadhappy only asks four questions:

  • Have you had cancer?
  • Has there been anything wrong with you in the past few years?
  • Have you been given a prescription that lasted more than a month?
  • Are you over 17 stone?

To give you an idea of the costs, we’ve put together an example quote below. Note that your quote will likely be different and will reflect your particular details.

  • A non-smoking 40-year old applicant looking for £200,000 coverage will pay around £9 per month. This takes into account a £100,000 deathwish to pay off a mortgage and a cash payout of £100,000. To add the Near-Death Insurance coverage, the monthly premium rises to around £27.

Benefits and features of Deadhappy life insurance

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There are many benefits and features offered by Deadhappy that could help you decide whether the company is right for you.

  • The company does not request medicals.
  • Prices are affordable, as they are based on your current condition only.
  • Coverage terms for ten years, with the option to renew for another ten if your health condition stays the same.
  • Option to choose what to do with your life insurance payout through the Deathwish feature.
  • Get a 50% early payout through the Near-Death Insurance option if you become seriously ill.
  • The company accepts applicants with mental illness.
  • Easy online application with few questions asked.
  • The company offers an easy to use will writing service.
  • Entirely online service with no sales calls.

Overview of Deadhappy life insurance key policy details

Here’s a quick overview of Deahappy’s life insurance offering:

Cover Options Life Insurance, Near-Death Insurance.
Cover Period Up to 10 years. The company can renew if your health condition remains the same.
Critical Illness Cover Available through the Near-Death Insurance option.
Joint Life Policy Not available.
Life Insurance in Trust Not available.

Can you make changes to your Deadhappy life insurance policy?

Unfortunately, the company won’t allow you to change the coverage amount or the total term of your policy. You can always opt to switch to a different provider after the initial ten-year period.

Deadhappy life insurance ratings

A fantastic way to compare the insurance products of various insurance firms is to check the ratings awarded by third-party rating companies.

The UK rating firm Defaqto gave Deadhappy its 1-star award for its Life Insurance with Near-Death Insurance product. In addition, the company has over 1,190 Trustpilot reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

When would Deadhappy not payout?

There are specific scenarios where Deadhappy won’t payout if you’ve made a claim. These include stages 0 and 1 cancer, a heart attack with an ejection fraction of over 45, and multiple sclerosis when it’s only symptom-based. The company will also not payout if you have a stroke and it registers 0 or 1 on the Modified Rankin Scale.

There’s a series of other situations where the company wouldn’t payout, so it’s important to discuss these before taking out a policy.

Is Deadhappy life insurance right for you?

Deadhappy is a great new life insurance provider that gives you more control over what your life insurance payout is used for. If you’re looking for more affordable premiums and a lower coverage term, then Deadhappy is right for you. However, if you’re looking for a decreasing term policy to cover a repayment mortgage, then you won’t find that service with Deadhappy.

The company’s max coverage of £350,000 might also be limiting if you need to cover a substantial mortgage. However, since most mortgages are less than that total, the coverage amount will likely be sufficient.

If you enjoy a modern and digital approach to things, you’ll love Deadhappy’s online-only service. However, if you prefer to speak to an advisor and detail your options, you’ll have to settle for the company’s chat system.

Defaqto ratings

Type Plan name Rating
Critical illness (level term) Life Insurance + Near Death Insurance 1
Critical illness (direct with life cover) Life Insurance + Near Death Insurance 2
Life assurance (direct) Life Insurance + Near Death Insurance 2
Life assurance (level term) Life Insurance + Near Death Insurance 1
Defaqto ratings were reviewed on 01/10/2023