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Friends Life Insurance Review 2019


The company was founded in 1832. In 2009 it was acquired by Resolution Ltd. This way Friends Provident Holdings (UK) Ltd. was created which is part of Friends Life group, which is one of the leading providers of financial products and its offices can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Isle of Man.Friends Life provides to its clients various services: life insurance, pensions, investments and lifetime care services. As for life insurance products, there are three main proposals that can be chosen: income protection, life cover and critical illness cover.
Friends Life cover

Friends’ standard life cover pays out the sum of money agreed in a policy contract in case the person dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness. The person needs to choose the term of the cover and the sum assured. After that he gets a life insurance quote and can take out Friends Life’s insurance services.

Furthermore, it is possible for the person to insure not only himself but also his life partner. Such a joint policy differs from a single life insurance in the way that two people are insured and if one of them dies the other one will act as the dependent and will get the sum assured.

Moreover, it is possible to choose life or earlier critical insurance policy. It is a normal life cover with a critical illness benefit added to the contract. It acts in such way that whatever happens firstly, diagnosis of specified critical illness or terminal illness or the death of the insured, the policy pays out the amount of cover chosen by the person when insurance contract is underwritten.

Friends Life critical illness cover

As Friends Life indicates in its website, every six minutes there is a death caused by a heart attack in UK. Thus, it is important to understand that such a thing can happen to anyone and it may be wise for the person who wants to take life insurance to also consider about choosing critical illness cover.

It is possible to take only a critical illness cover or combine it with a normal single life insurance. Although taking a combination may seem to provide a better protection in case something serious happens, the premiums can be too high and the person can be limited to choose only critical insurance cover.

Moreover, there is a list of specified critical illness that are covered by Friends Life. It is important to ask and look through them in order to know what is covered. Furthermore, it is possible to choose joint critical illness cover. If such a policy is chosen, then it pays out in case of the first diagnosis of the critical illness.

Friends Life mortgage income protection cover

Not so long time ago, Friends Life provided a mortgage income protection policy. However, insuring with this type of cover was transferred to Friends Life partners and is no longer available to purchase from this company.

Friends Life income protection

Friends Life’s income protection policy is for those who are worried what would happen if they were unable to work for some time because of an injury or an illness. This insurance product offers to pay a monthly income benefit in case the person is unable to work because of his health condition and loses his income source.

First of all, when taking out the income protection cover, the person choose a deferred period. It is the time period after between the moment the person is unable to work and the start of the payments of the monthly benefits.

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