Cavendish Life Insurance Review 2023

Cavendish Online began in 2000 under the foundations of finding a new approach to brokers overcharging their clients for life insurance policies.

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Cavendish Online began in 2000 under the foundations of finding a new approach to brokers overcharging their clients for life insurance policies. The principles involved in the service were to give customers the best value in their policies, offering flat fees for services rather than commission.

This article will review Cavendish’s life insurance products.

Types of Life Insurance

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So what are the types of life insurance plans that Cavendish offer? They specialise in three main types of policy based on specific life scenarios, including death, critical illness, and protection against sudden inability to work.

We’ll go into more detail about each of their main plans below.

Life Assurance

The Life Assurance policy is a life insurance plan that will pay out a lump sum to a beneficiary should you pass away in the agreed term. Cavendish offers fixed-term and whole-of-life insurance to protect families and loved ones from financial distress in case of unexpected death.

Critical Illness

Cavendish offers a Critical Illness policy that will pay a lump sum should the policyholder get diagnosed with an illness listed in their plan. The coverage does not necessarily payout based on working inhibitions but is the result of a diagnosis that’s likely to be terminal.

Income Protection

Income Protection is a different policy than the other staple policies, which will pay the policyholder a monthly benefit if they cannot work. The coverage protects families financially should there be a lack of income due to illness or injury. However, payments can take time to start.

So with the Cavendish types of life insurance in mind, let’s look at the essential details of the provider.

Overview of Cavendish Life Insurance Key Policy Details

The most notable factors of Cavendish life insurance policies are below.

Cavendish will pay out on your policy if: The policyholder dies, contracts a listed illness, or becomes unable to work.
Options: Fixed Term (level term, decreasing term, increasing term)/Whole-of-Life Insurance
Policy Coverage: Single/Joint Coverage
Terminal Illness Cover: Yes
Critical Illness Cover: Yes
Minimum Entry Age: 18
Maximum Entry Age 79
Guaranteed Insurability: Those who lead a healthy lifestyle, meaning a non-smoker, light drinker, and minor medical history, will find themselves almost sure to have their applications approved.

Now, we can gauge the quality of Cavendish’s products by looking at the provider’s most popular policy and breaking down the core benefits and critical points.

Cavendish Online Life Assurance

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Cavendish’s plans have the following standout factors that are both self-proclaimed and verified by customers.

  • Straightforward – Customer service and intuitiveness when applying for Life Assurance policies are particularly highlighted, with applicants finding the process clear and easy to understand.
  • Excellent value – Those considered with a healthy lifestyle under Cavendish’s terms can see coverage for as little as £10 per month.
  • Transparent – The transparency factor in applying for policies helps customers understand the fees, what they pay for, and the payout scenarios.

So let’s move on to the critical points of the policy as dictated by the customers.

Key Points

The immediate customer feedback from the Cavendish Life Assurance policy is as follows:

  • The provider is a mainly online-based business that makes getting coverage quick, easy, and intuitive
  • The customer service has reverence for being exceptionally accommodating where there are complex personal circumstances
  • Interpersonal service and direct connection for any questions and queries

The key points highlight customers’ positives about the Cavendish Life Assurance Policy, but what about the official and expert ratings? Let’s review what the trust platforms and peer reviews say about Cavendish.


Currently, two primary sources of reviews offer a more comprehensive outlook on Cavendish’s service and products. Trustpilot offers a verified collective of customer feedback, while Defaqto offers a peer-reviewed insurer rating.

See below for more details.


Out of a current 1,772 reviews, Cavendish Online scored a 4.9 out of 5 for customer feedback. The table below breaks down the dispersion of reviews.

Rating Percentage of Feedback
Excellent 88%
Great 7%
Average 2%
Poor 1%
Bad 2%

The negative reviews highlighted Cavendish’s tendency to cold call at inconvenient times and their delayed after-sales service. Another prominent point was that the website was much easier to apply for a life insurance policy, whereas speaking to an advisor hindered the process.


The Defaqto rating is based on various industry standards, updated regularly among experts and peers who know what makes the best life insurance policy. Currently, Cavendish holds 2 out of 5 stars with their service, ranking significantly lower than some of its competitors.

Is Cavendish Life Insurance Right for You?

Cavendish has overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the application process and customer support. Their modern approach with an intuitive website and interpersonal service to tailor the best possible policy prove a winner with customers.

The most concern from Cavendish comes from the after-sales support after purchase policies. Some customers highlight delays in answering queries or providing necessary paperwork to complete policy applications.

However, the acclaimed value of the products is excellent, offering more competitive pricing than other providers. Should you wish to find out more if Cavendish Life Insurance is right for you, information is available from expert brokers.

Defaqto ratings

Type Plan name Rating
Life assurance (level term) Cavendish Life Cover 2
Defaqto ratings were reviewed on 01/10/2023